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Since opening in 2014 3Silhouettes First Aid has grown from an unknown service provider to a trusted trainer with businesses and individuals across Niagara, Hamilton, Brantford, Mississauga and Scarborough, returning year after year for their certification needs.

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Usable first aid skills

The philosophy at 3Silhouettes is to teach people usable first aid skills by integrating hands-on training with realistic scenarios and interactive role play. With smaller class sizes and a comfortable setting, training is engaging and informative.  

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Take in the solar eclipse safely

On April 8th, Niagara is poised to offer one of the best vantage points in Canada for observing this awe-inspiring cosmic phenomenon. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety when viewing the eclipse. Even though the moon will obscure much of the sun’s brilliance, looking directly at the sun during the eclipse can cause serious harm...
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Family Day Long Weekend Safety: Tips for Enjoying Quality Time Safely

Family Day long weekend is a cherished time for families to come together, create lasting memories, and enjoy fun activities. However, amidst the excitement, it’s essential to prioritize safety to ensure that everyone has a memorable and accident-free weekend. In this blog post, we’ll share valuable safety tips for families to consider as they embark...
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