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Physical Activity Notice

At 3Silhouettes First Aid we are committed to upholding the health and safety of participants in all of our courses. For most people the physical activity involved in a First Aid & CPR course should not pose a health threat. However, there are a small number of people who may find the physical activities in the course strenuous. Training involves activities such as sitting for long periods, some standing, kneeling, bending and compressions on a manikin. If you are unsure if you should participate in any aspect of the course involving physical activity, or have any of the health conditions listed below, we recommend that you do not register for a course with us until you have consulted with your healthcare provider and have received medical clearance to participate.

  • Cardiovascular or respiratory conditions
  • Existing, or at risk of; back, joint and/or muscle strain
  • Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy