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Vaccinated Against COVID-19? What does it mean to me?

Are you vaccinated against Covid-19 and wondering how that changes things for you? The government released guidelines you can follow to help make safe choices for you and your family. https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/phac-aspc/documents/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/awareness-resources/vaccinated-against-covid-19-public-health-measures/vaccinated-against-covid-19-public-health-measures.pdf
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Truck drivers that need new skills

SOS is offering the Cargo Securement Safety Training Course, which prepares drivers for properly securing different types of cargo on flatbed trailers. The course also guides you on how to prevent or recover from load loss, trip delays, injury, damage and much more. This online training course is intended for commercial truck drivers who pull...
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Are you worn out? You may not be the only one.

Are you worn out by the pandemic? You are not alone. Billions of people around the world share your fatigue. And it’s not just people. There’s one very important tool in the fight against COVID-19 that you need to remember. Your cloth face masks are probably worn out, too. Follow this link for some great...
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Free PSW accelerated courses are filling up fast!

Free PSW accelerated courses are filling up fast! Here’s a link to a list of Ontario Colleges offering the program To support the demand for trained professionals in this rewarding field, a new, accelerated PSW training program that includes no tuition was recently introduced at all 24 public colleges. This new accelerated program comes with:...
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Providing First Aid & COVID-19

Concerns about catching a disease while helping someone having an emergency have been a potential barrier to action for a first aider long before COVID-19 became a part of our world. With the current health crisis during the pandemic, those concerns are magnified. Here’s a few things to remember to keep yourself and others safe when helping someone who’s having an emergency.
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Bored in Lockdown? Here’s 45 ideas for what you can do safely

We put together 45 ideas we hope will be helpful for you to stay active and stimulated during the lockdown. 1- Take a baking class Online Baking Academy is offering free Live Zoom baking classes https://www.onlinebakingacademy.com/. 2- Visit the Zoo online Plan a virtual trip to the Toronto Zoo. There are lots of fun facts...
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Important Safety Note

From June to December 2020 Health Canada issued recalls on over 100 hand sanitizers because they either contain ingredients that are not permitted by Health Canada
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Common Questions During Covid-19

Below are some common questions answered for in-person training during the COVID-19 health crisis.
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Disposable face masks and the environmental impact 10 things you should know now

The new safety measures of wearing a face mask are helping to protect us and others in our defensive response to COVID-19.  But they are also, unfortunately, compounding the global plastic waste crisis.  We have been single-use, disposable product consumers for decades, so when the mandatory mask orders came into effect in Ontario during the...
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